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Our mission has always been to make health and wellness as inclusive as possible, and we never stop striving to do just that. This year we have thoughtfully curated a conscious holiday gift guide that offers gifting options for everyone. We’ve paid special attention to highlighting black-owned, women-owned, and local businesses. Following the tonic functions Goldthread was built on, we share our guide to our favorite gifts for the 2020 holiday season, all under $100!

Transformation & Digestion

Strengthen digestive energy and promote efficient metabolism to unlock the potential life force of the food you eat. This includes reducing inflammation, quelling food-related allergies, improving elimination, maximizing antioxidant absorption, increasing clear thinking, and vitality, and demystifying dietary decision making.

1. Goldthread Hawaiian Ginger Tonics 6-pack – $27.50.
Improves digestion. Awakens & energizes the body. Boosts immunity. This formula activates the vital force within our body so that we may experience the radiance of health. Our favorite after-dinner tonic!

2. Package Free Shop Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set – $14.95.
For waste-free, on the go digestion!

3. Sophie Lou Jacobsen Ripple Cups – $25 each.
Enhance the enjoyment of your tonics in these handcrafted glasses.

4. Floracopeia Calendula Flower Essence Tincture – $32.
Supports digestion, eye health and luminous skin.

Ease & Flow

Restore natural sleep rhythms, enjoy deep and restful sleep, balance the nervous system, promote calm, improve mood, relieve muscle tension, and increase intuition and connectedness.

5. Goldthread Lavender Bliss Tonics 6-pack – $27.50.
Reduces stress. Calms the body. Soothes digestion. An excellent way to punctuate moments of restoration throughout the day. Also well suited for end-of-day relaxation.

6. Foria Wellness Bath Salts with CBD & Lavender – $52.
To leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and relaxed.

7. Re.Vityl Release Silk Sleep Mask – $68.
Scientifically proven to enhance sleep naturally.

8. Plant People Drops+ Sleep – $78.99.
For tranquil, restorative rest and rejuvenated mornings.

Adapt & Evolve

Adaptogens are the plants that give us the strength and flexibility to meet our destiny. They are all about building resilience and living life to the fullest.

9. Goldthread Berry Power Tonics 6-Pack – $27.50.
Increases energy & resilience. Enhances focus & concentration. Packed with adaptogens. Use on a daily basis to help increase stamina, cognitive function, and energy levels. Our favorite holiday cocktail mixer.

10. OSEA Algae Body Oil – $48.
OSEA Plant Based Body Brush – $28.
Increase the resilience of your skin with this nourishing combo.

11. Sky Ting TV Online Membership – $20/month.
Improve your energy, endurance with yoga techniques for longevity.

12. Omiberry Sparkling – $47.98 12-pack.
Our founders’ hidden gem! Powerful plants & antioxidants, but make it bubbly!

Cleanse & Rejuvenate

Our bodies are designed for daily detox to keep the system running smoothly and ensure we aren’t susceptible to opportunistic pathogens. Keeping things clean inside and out gives us the beauty of health and fortifies our defenses.

13. Goldthread Honey Rose Tonic 6-Pack – $27.50
Supports immune system. Rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Improves digestion. Restore your reservoirs of good health.

14. Primally Pure Clarifying Combo – $88.
To promote a clear, bright complexion.

15. Ultralight Dreams Blue Mountain 8” Planter – $70.
Cleanse your home with a plant & a handpainted planter.

16. Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic – $26.
A tonic for your face, to cleanse your complexion.

Hydrate & Glow

Staying well Hydrated and nourished gives us the glow we all adore. Ensure moisture and superfoods are always at hand for a juicy and glow generating lifestyle.

17. Goldthread Glow Pack – $27.50.
Perfectly paired to nourish and alkaline the body while helping with detoxification and circulation.

18. Modsprout Terracotta Aloe Kit – $19.
Hydrate your home with this indoor hydroponic system.

19. Simply Straws Classic Mixed Quad Set (Sunset) – $25.
Hydrate in style with these reusable glass straws.

20. Sade Baron Body Care Set 1 – $70.
Nutrient-rich vitamins and superfoods for your skin.

Fortify & Protect

Our protective energy is called Wei Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When we fortify this boundary, we are under the weather less often and we recover well. This way our body can use its precious energy for higher purposes and we stay feeling capable and content.

21. Goldthread Elderberry Defense Tonic 6-pack – $27.50.
Our fierce defender. Immunity is our prize for a healthy lifestyle. Maintain optimal immunity and replenish depleted resources.

22. Whole Harmony Elderberry Syrup – $24.99.
Protect yourself & loved ones with this versatile elixir

23. Sunshine Series Reusable Market Bundle – $68.
Protect the planet with these eco-conscious reusable market bags.

24. Activist Manuka Immune Elixir – $35.
Restore & nourish your immune system.

Ceremony & Ritual

Plants that are dedicated to clearing the mind and shifting consciousness can be used to cleanse our homes and environments of negative or cluttered energies; create atmospheres of celebration, connectedness, and possibility; transform negative moods or limiting beliefs, and allow you to let go. This contributes to a heightened awareness and intuition, a more relaxed nervous system, increased creativity, more in-tune spiritual or contemplative moods, and feelings of connectedness to yourself/others/the world around you.

25. Avocado Green Organic Meditation Pillow – $79
Clear your mind and find stillness.

26.Moon & Jai Manifest Ritual Kit with Laboradite – $49
Create new rituals and manifest your goals and desires.

27. Raaka Maple Vanilla Crunch Bar – $8 each
Boost & protect your heart and mind with these transparent trade, organic chocolate bars.

28. Actually Curious Happy Hour Edition Deck – $25
Create new holiday rituals & build connections through meaningful questions.