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With the new shelter in place order affecting all of us in some way, life has shifted exponentially and we’re having to adjust to this “new normal” way of living. One silver lining? Finally having the time to tap into those hobbies that truly spark joy- be it baking, reading, drawing, learning, etc.

For many of us here at Goldthread, we turn to our favorite trusted podcasts as a way to expand and educate ourselves on a variety of subject matters. We’ve rounded up our go-to podcasts in hopes that this helps spark some inspiration for those who might be feeling a bit stagnant and looking for thoughtful new content to consume.

Read on for the Goldthread team’s go-to podcast recommendations…

Megan, our Digital Marketing Manager, shared some of her favorite podcasts from trusted outlets such as NPR, Bon Appetit and the New York Times. “I love hearing other people’s stories, so I often turn to podcasts (particularly ones outside of my everyday world) for opportunities to get inspired,” she shared.

Megan’s picks:

  • How I Built This
  • Bon Appetit Foodcast 
  • Sugar Calling 

Cameron, our Director of West Coast Sales, tunes into podcasts that help to educate on relevant subject matters. “Most of my go-to podcasts are career-related so I use them as an outlet to continue to inspire my personal growth. After all, you’re never too old to learn,” he said.

Cameron’s picks:

  • Liquid Assets: A Beverage Industry Podcast 
  • Conversations with Tyler 
  • How I Built This (see a recurring theme here?!)

Melissa, our Marketing Director, seeks out podcasts that leave her feeling informed and enlightened. Three of her favorites tap into health & wellness, each in their own unique way. “Each episode of Lemon Water highlights women disrupting the wellness industry. The Happiness Lab has given me a newfound outlook on the science of happiness and the way I view this integral emotion. Not to mention, Dr. Mark Hyman is having incredibly necessary conversations surrounding our current food system in his podcast, the Doctor’s Farmacy,” she shared.

Melissa’s picks:

  • Lemon Water
  • The Happiness Lab 
  • The Doctor’s Farmacy 

Edith Siff, our CEO, loves podcasts and audiobooks that open her mind and let her spirit journey even though she’s staying safer at home. “During this very disruptive and tragic situation we’re working harder than ever at Goldthread to make sure we continue to get the plants to the people. I really appreciate the privilege of having a mission and a purpose to stay connected to during this time, and I’m more motivated than ever to make sure people get the support that the green world offers even though many of us can’t get out into nature as much as we’d like. That said, the sitr-crazies still come for me from time to time, and I so appreciate having great content to turn to to help snap me out of it!” 

Edith’s picks: 

  • Meditative Story 
  • Outside Podcast
  • Newshour from BBC world service 
  • Relentless by Tim Grover (audiobook)

What are your go-to sources of inspiration and great content these days? Share in the comments below!