Energy Pack
Energy Pack

Energy Pack

Clean, sustainable energy is the superpower of Japanese Matcha. The caffeine in the green tea is balanced with many other phytonutrients, including Theanine, which moderate the body's use of caffeine over time. Combine that with Schisandra, an adaptogen that builds energy endurance, and the superstar of Berry Power. Together, Matcha and Schisandra work together to generate sustainable focus and energy balance throughout our busy days.

This pack contains 6 bottles of Japanese Matcha and 6 bottles of Berry Power for a comprehensive power-up. Includes free shipping!

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Goldthread tonics are formulated by expert herbalist, William Siff, who has 20+ years of experience in natural medicine. Each tonic has been carefully curated to support a specific body system to help us thrive and live vibrantly.