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Immunity Pack

Our gut serves as the foundational support structure for our immune system, and ginger is one of the most time-honored and revered plants for supporting digestive health. Combine this benefit with our Elderberry Defense—backed with antioxidants and vitamins that reduce inflammation and lessen stress on the body. Together, these powerful tonics form a one-two punch of immune support from the inside out.

This pack contains 6 bottles of Elderberry Defense and 6 bottles of Hawaiian Ginger for a comprehensive power-up. Includes free shipping!

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0g Sugar
20 Calories
Gluten Free
From Farm to Tonic

Goldthread tonics are formulated by expert herbalist, William Siff, who has 20+ years of experience in natural medicine. Each tonic has been carefully curated to support a specific body system to help us thrive and live vibrantly.