Soothe your senses and your skin with a daily hydrosol drench

Soothe your senses and your skin with a daily hydrosol drench

During distillation, extremely concentrated oils are extracted from aromatic plants. Water and oil travel together through the distillery tubes and once they separate, the oil floats to the top and is collected and used as an essential oil. The “flower water”, with tiny traces of essential oil too small to collect and make it to the top, remains with a lighter, airier scent and healing properties. 


Just as you keep a variety of essential oils on-hand to use and diffuse depending on your mood, the more hydrosols you bring into your life the merrier. Keep an uplifting scent by your desk or in your bag for a quick “pick me up,” a cleansing scent in your home for a simple reset without breaking out the Swiffer, and a calming scent by your bedside to help transition from day to night.


Aside from their refreshing qualities, adding a hydrosol to your skincare routine is key for dewy, hydrated skin. As you may have guessed from the name and origin story, hydrosols are extremely hydrating. After cleansing and applying a light serum (we love hyaluronic acid) spray your face with a hydrosol to help your serum lock in the extra moisture. All skin types will appreciate adding a hydrosol to your skincare routine.  


Our Favorites: 


Rose Geranium – a gorgeous and bright floral to uplift your senses throughout the day. Very nice refresher when you’ve been bogged down in your head on the computer and need to stop and smell the roses. 


Helichrysum – This is the skincare holy grail. Helichrysum is well known for its ability to aid in skin regeneration, healing cuts and eliminating scars. Those same qualities make it amazing at reviving the complexion daily. Its anti-microbial powers keep the skin clean and fresh for less unwanted build-up of toxins. You’ll notice a refined appearance to the complexion with regular use. 


Frankincense – The resin from the Frankincense trees is a state shifter extraordinaire. When you want to center yourself, get grounded, and open up to take in more of the present, Frankincense is there for you. Inhale deeply as you spray this hydrosol generously all around the face and upper body. The aromatic molecules in Frankincense signal the nervous system to relax and become receptive.