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Boost Energy With Every Refreshing Sip

If you ever get the jitters from over-caffeinating or drinking sugar-loaded energy drinks, get ready to feel your best with healthier energy alternatives! Goldthread Tonics contain unique blends of herbs and adaptogens to help you conquer the day with sustainable, clean energy, without the unwanted chemicals, additives or sugar!

Berry Power

The ultimate sports drink replacement—all the flavor, without the artificial ingredients. Made with schisandra berries sustainably harvested in Korea.

What does it do?

Improves endurance

Sustainable energy

Speeds recovery time

Perfect For...

Pre- and post Peloton 

Times your body needs a pep talk

Getting psyched up before an important presentation

Tasting Notes

Your favorite sports drink got bought out by an herbalist

Japanese Matcha

Allow us to introduce the head honcho of the anti-jitter caffeine club. Made with matcha from Japan, of course.

What does it do?

Promotes clarity & focus

Rich in antioxidants

Prevents jitters & crash

Perfect For...

Replacing your morning coffee

Refreshing companion for your walk, hike, run, adventure

Brainstorming, getting creative, moving & shaking

Tasting Notes

Ultra-refreshing green limeade

Honey Rose

The sweet and robust combo you never knew you needed. Delightfully blended with honeybush from the western cape of South Africa.

What does it do?

Gently detoxifies

Boosts immunity

Improves mood

Perfect For...

Coming up for air after working hard

Sharing with the ones you love

Getting inspired while exploring a new place

Tasting Notes

Bold and rosy with a light cinnamon sprinkle.

Meet our favorite glowing ingredients

Each of these specialty herbs and adaptogens have been used as remedies in cultures around the world for centuries. All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced from generational farmers, hand-picked with love, and crafted by expert brewmasters for potency & purity.

Power Up Your Routine with an Energetic Mind & Body

Energy Power Pack

Energize, naturally! Japanese Matcha helps boost mental clarity, focus and alertness sustainably throughout the day, and Berry Power helps to enhance overall vitality and physical energy. Honeybush adds the spice and refreshment your mind needs to stay alert, while keeping your body relaxed. With these tonics, you’ll never feel the depletion of a caffeine crash again.


• 6 bottles Japanese Matcha

• 6 bottles Berry Power


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