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Optimize Digestion With Feel-Good Tonics

Our digestion-friendly tonics are formulated to give you and your body the relief it needs, when it needs it. Packed with superherbs, adaptogens and spices, and formulated with traditional medicine practices in mind, these time-tested, better-for-you drinks provide a boost of digestive support you will actually enjoy.

Turmeric Radiance

Your new favorite smoothly spiced pick-me-up and bloat-banisher. With turmeric sourced from generational farmers in India.

What does it do?

Activates metabolism

Reduces inflammation

Optimizes digestion

Perfect For...

Enjoying alongside any meal

First thing in the morning as a metabolism booster

Afternoon slump buster

Tasting Notes

The joy of juice with the delight of spice

Hawaiian Ginger

A delicious, invigorating drink that transports you to the perfect beach day. Which is exactly where our ginger is sourced from--Kauai.

What does it do?

Optimizes digestion

Activates metabolism

Boosts immunity

Perfect For...

After a big plate of BBQ

Mid-day refresher & pick-me-up

Perfect for cocktail mixing & mocktail sipping

Tasting Notes

An extra gingery ale without the bubbles

Mint Condition

Your new favorite any day, any time refresher. Crafted with Greek Mountain Tea grown in the hills of Greece.

What does it do?

Supports healthy digestive 

Enhances mental clarity

Promotes a natural calm

Perfect For...

After you regret those last few bites of lunch 

When your breathing gets shallow and your tummy is tight

Satisfying a craving for something fresh to clear your mind & revitalize your body

Tasting Notes

Cool, crisp, herb-packed spa water

Meet Our Favorite Digestion-Supporting Ingredients

Each of these specialty herbs and adaptogens have been used as remedies in cultures around the world for centuries. All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced from generational farmers, hand-picked with love, and crafted by expert brewmasters for potency & purity.

Digest and Feel Your Best

Digestion Power Pack

No one likes a stomach ache. Turmeric Radiance and Hawaiian Ginger help to reduce digestive discomfort, and activate metabolism. They each contain gut-friendly herbs and spices that leave you feeling your best - anytime, anywhere. These tonics are the best good-for-you ginger ale alternative when things just aren’t feeling, well, right.


• 6 bottles Turmeric Radiance

• 6 bottles Hawaiian Ginger


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