Wind down with chill-mode tonics

It can take a village to stay chill, and we bottled all the best plants to help you do so. Our delicious, naturally calming tonics will be your new favorite way to wind down from the day, and your go-to sips for staying cool no matter what.

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Promote a natural calm with Goldthread

One of the best ways to support the health of our body and mind is to keep stress at bay. We all need a little support at times, so we made sure to curate the most soothing, delicious blend of herbs and plants to help you sip back and relax.

Meet Our Favorite Calm-Inducing Ingredients


Hand-picked in the Rhone Valley of Southern France, lavender is a naturally medicinal calming agent, easing the mind into a natural sense of ease.

Greek Mountain Tea

Grown in the hills of Greece on the shores of the Mediterranean, this specialty tea is a clarifying, physical and mental calming herb to promote total relaxation.


Hand-picked in Greece, chamomile is a naturally calming flower that helps to reduce inflammation and support healthy, deep rest.

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Restorative Lavender Bliss and refreshing Green Minerals work together to support your journey to zen mode, anytime, anywhere:
  • Promote a natural calm
  • Reduce stress
  • Replenish & refresh the body
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