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Wind Down with our Chill Mode Tonics

Our relaxing tonics are formulated to support your body and mind in times of stress. Packed with superherbs, adaptogens and spices, and formulated with traditional medicine practices in mind, these time-tested, better-for-you drinks provide a chill pill in a bottle to help promote a natural sense of calm.

Lavender Bliss

Sip back and relax with this unique blend of calming florals and botanicals. Made with soothing lavender hand-picked in Provence, France.

What does it do?

Promotes a natural calm

Reduces stress

Supports digestive function

Perfect For...

A fragrant evening wind down 

Traffic, what traffic?

Relax tension, ease the mind, deepen the breath

Tasting Notes

Pleasantly floral, not at all flowery

Mint Condition

Your new favorite any day, any time refresher. Crafted with Greek Mountain Tea grown in the hills of Greece.

What does it do?

Supports healthy digestive 

Enhances mental clarity

Promotes a natural calm

Perfect For...

After you regret those last few bites of lunch 

When your breathing gets shallow and your tummy is tight

Satisfying a craving for something fresh to clear your mind & revitalize your body

Tasting Notes

Cool, crisp, herb-packed spa water

Green Minerals

Support your mind & body with good-for-you, delicious greens. Formulated with super-greens grown in the meadows of Central Europe.

What does it do?

Enhances vitality

Supports hair, nail & bone health

Replenishes & refreshes the body

Perfect For...

Getting grounded when you’re feeling frazzled

When you want a shot of super-greens but make it delicious & refreshing

Trusty thirst quencher & resource replenisher

Tasting Notes

If Arnold Palmer made a green juice

Meet our favorite relaxing ingredients

Each of these specialty herbs and adaptogens have been used as remedies in cultures around the world for centuries. All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced from generational farmers, hand-picked with love, and crafted by expert brewmasters for potency & purity.

Sit Back, Sip & Relax with Goldthread

Chill Power Pack

It’s time to chill out. Lavender Bliss helps ease the mind into a naturally relaxed state, while Mint Condition helps to ease nerves, release tension and promote an overall sense of bodily calm. Lavender Bliss and Mint Condition are the chill pill in a bottle your daily routine needs.


• 6 bottles Elderberry Defense

• 6 bottles Hawaiian Ginger


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