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Plants with Benefits

Build your immunity with easy to use medicinal plants

Popular immune-enhancing supplements and products from Vitamin C to herbal formulations are out of stock all over the place, and quickly take a sizeable bite out of the budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of powerful options in the plant world to get you all the vitamin C and immune-boosting benefits you’re looking for that are unlikely to become scarce and are always economical.
Build your immunity with easy to use medicinal plants

Buying loose herbs in bulk is the most cost-effective way to stock up.

Herbs like rosehips, amla, sea buckthorn, and hibiscus are all rich in Vitamin C, and lots of other fortifying compounds and they taste bright and refreshing. Make your own Vitamin C super supplement by brewing some of those herbs together into a concentrated tonic to sip.

Grab a whole pound of Tulsi for about $20 to seriously strengthen your respiratory system and build your resilience to stress, among tons of other benefits, just by sipping a beautifully aromatic cup of Tulsi tea.

Half a pound of slippery elm powder could last a whole family 6 months or longer for about $10. Stir this wonder herb into a glass of water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The powder turns into a light, mild-tasting gel that soothes and coats the throat and stomach, deeply hydrates the whole system, and provides a valuable pre-biotic fiber source to keep digestion in great condition. All very critical aspects of a strong immune system and creating a terrain in your body that won’t be easy for an invading virus to overpower.

Working with the plants in their whole, raw form is a pleasure on so many levels, and it’s hands down the most reliable and economical way to strengthen your immunity, relax your nervous system and build your health all around during this very trying time, and any time.