These hero plant beverages are here for you

These hero plant beverages are here for you

We’re experiencing lines to enter our grocery stores, empty shelves, closed farmer’s markets and even significant delays and out of stocks on Amazon. Adding to the challenge, the stress of all of this can have us reaching for comfort foods and letting better habits slip. If your diet is taking a hit in the crisis, you’re not alone and the last thing you should do is feel bad about it. Even in the best of times, a great diet is always a moving target and an aspiration more than a permanent reality. If you’re boiling water for your next box of mac and cheese or pack of instant ramen, don’t beat yourself up. One easy way to make sure you’re still getting the nutrients you need while indulging in a little soul food is to drink plenty of plants. Plants as beverages can provide a ton of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will go a long way to balance things in these challenging times.

The beverage cooler is less likely to be picked clean by all the panic buying, and it’s actually one of the most essential spots to stock up. Many stores are selling these beverages by the case now, and keeping stocked on the key health-enhancing drinks will serve you well, no matter what’s going on with your diet. We’re all familiar with the detoxifying benefits of cold pressed juice and the digestive support of the kombuchas. Add powerful tuermic shots and aloe drinks to the mix. Switch from coffee to anti-oxidant powerhouse green tea to cut down on jitters while you’re working from home and managing stress. Replace a meal with a plant-based protein drink that’s low in sugar. And take a deep dive into the amazing world of plant based tonics. These powerhouse drinks are a bright and refreshing addition to a flavor palate that might be getting a bit dull and repetitive. And with 14,000 mgs of whole herbs per serving, they offer real, health enhancing benefits to all the systems of the body. Fire up your inner super hero with their phyto-power and give yourself a break about the pancakes for dinner. Goldthread founder, William Siff, shares his favorite plant-based drinks to keep your health on track no matter what’s going on around you.

Forager Nuts and Cacao

8 grams of plant based protein, 10 grams of sugar from dates, and a short and sweet ingredient list make this a great option for fueling up with filling up.

Vive Turmeric Shots

These little powerhouses pack a punch. They’re not only great for boosting immunity, they help reduce inflammation and bloat.

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

A nice 12 oz serving with only 9 grams of sugar and a great selection of vibrant botanicals

Guayaki Unsweetened Yerba Mate

The go to for a caffeine option that gives a great lift without jitters or crashes. Both tea bags and ready to drink bottle options are nice to have around.

Lily of the desert Aloe Juice

Keeping hydrated requires more than drinking enough water. We need the power of demulcent plants to bring the hydration deep into our cells. Aloe is an all star for hydration, and makes a great addition to your favorite juice or tea.

Flora Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Tonic

This tonic does double duty with the digestive enhancing action of Apple Cider Vinegar and a collection of immune and detox supporting botanicals.

Goldthread Tonics

The drinks that do it all! 9 varieties, with the highest concentration of botanical ingredients on the market, support all the key functions of the body. And the bright, juicy flavors tantalize tastebuds with unique flavors. Best of all, each drink is a little journey around the world to the pristine natural environments that the ingredients each come from, which is a welcome little adventure while we weather the storm here at home.