Plants With Benefits: Elderberry Edition

Plants With Benefits: Elderberry Edition

What is Elderberry?

Elderberries, as the name suggests, are a small type of berry grown on Elder trees. It's a medicinal plant that has been around for thousands of years, across many cultures and traditions. Aside from the berries, the bark and flowers from the Elder tree are also considered healing.

Elderberry Benefits

It’s great to take tonics or teas that include elderberries anytime you feel like you’re coming down with something, or even when you just feel run down. Elderberries are popular for their immune-boosting properties, and their high antioxidant count aids in fighting off free radicals and oxidative stress. It’s no wonder you’ll find elderberries in many immune-boosting pills and supplements.

3 Ways to Add Elderberry into Your Life

Here are some of our favorite ways to use elderberries from elderberry powder and syrups.

 1. Elderberry Fruit Wraps You can usually find elderberry powder and syrup at a local health food store, which are great and much easier to use than raw elderberries. You can use these supplements to make delicious, immune-boosting treats like elderberry gummies (made with grass-fed gelatin) or dried fruit wraps.

 2. Elderberry Defense An incredible immune boosting tonic, Elderberry Defense helps to support your body's natural defense systems. With a powerful blend of herbs, spices and adaptogens, Elderberry Defense is perfect for drinking when the seasons change, while traveling, or when undergoing high stress.

 3. Elderberry Smoothie Boost If you have elderberry syrup and powder available, they’re an easy way to add a boost of immunity to your smoothies. They can be substituted or added along with other berry flavors, or to help balance out your greens. Simply add a teaspoon of powder or syrup to your smoothie like you would with any other add-on, and enjoy!

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