Plants With Benefits: Matcha

Plants With Benefits: Matcha

At Goldthread, we hand-pick (literally) the herbs that we choose to put in our tonics. While tasting great is an awesome side effect of our herbal blends, we truly focus on the function of each plant we choose. Built around superstar ingredients and combined with other hand-picked herbs, spices and adaptogens, our tonics are formulated with over 20 years of experience in plant-based functional wellness to add a boost to your daily routine.

Japanese Matcha is our simplest, but not to be underestimated, tonic! Ceremonial Grade Matcha from the Shoyoza Region of Japan is combined with chlorophyll and fresh squeezed lime for a smooth, easy-to-drink focus-boosting addition to your day without the jitters and crash of coffee.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a type of green tea grown in Japan that is shade-grown half-way through harvest (this is how it gets its bright green color!) Like traditional green tea, matcha does contain caffeine, though less than black tea and much less than coffee. Most often, you will find matcha in powder form, but you can also find whole matcha leaves, which are called tencha.

What are the benefits of matcha?

Matcha has gained a lot of mainstream popularity over the last decade, and rightfully so! It boasts a lot of amazing benefits, which complement its delicious, umami flavor.

- Calm sense of alertness
- Enhanced focused
- Clean source of energy
- Improved oral health
- Antioxidant rich
 - Contains brain-healthy L-theanine

3 Ways to Add Matcha into Your Lifestyle

Matcha itself can have a bitter taste, and can be a long-winded process to steep into tea. But there are many ways to drink it that capture the benefits and taste great! Here are our favorite ways to incorporate matcha into our routine:

Our Japanese Matcha tonic is unlike any matcha you’ve had before. We like to describe it as an ultra-refreshing green limeade. It contains fresh squeezed lime that helps cut the earthiness of the matcha, and zero calorie sweetener to give it a little oomph, without being overly sweet. It’s perfect as a morning pick-me-up or as an afternoon alternative to coffee when you need to focus, but don’t want to be loading up with caffeine later in the day.

Smoothie Add-On

Boost your smoothie game with antioxidants, l-theanine, and anti-inflammatory properties from matcha! Add between ½-1 tsp of powdered matcha to your smoothie, depending on your caffeine preferences, and enjoy! Depending on the other ingredients added, you may not even notice the matcha. This is a great option for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of matcha, without necessarily tasting it. 

Matcha Latte 
You either love them or hate them, but either way, matcha lattes have made headlines for their gorgeous green hue, and their boost of jitter-less energy! Simply add ½-1 tsp of sifted matcha powder to a bowl with a little bit of hot water (no hotter than 175°F), and whisk until smooth. You can also add to a blender and blend that way. Pour over ice and top with milk of choice, or enjoy it hot by using warm milk.

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