Summer is heating up! Let these plants and rituals keep you chill.

Summer is heating up! Let these plants and rituals keep you chill.

We all know some of the basics of living with the power of the summer sun, such as avoiding the heat of the day, staying hydrated, using healthy sunblock and wearing a hat. Once you’ve got your sun protection game worked out, it’s time to take it to the next level with cooling plants and icy herbal preparations to combat the inflammation that can build up when things get steamy.

Antioxidants –

Summer is the time to load up on anti-oxidants to combat any negative effects of inflammation or excessive sun exposure. These phytochemical superheroes work internally and externally to quench the fires that can flare in the summertime. Just like all the gorgeous berries that are in season, and you should definitely eat as many of those beauties as your heart desires, the world of medicinal plants is the most antioxidant dense in the plant world.

The ORAC scale measures antioxidant concentration. Blueberries score a 9,621 on the ORAC, while matcha clocks in at a whopping 138,400 and the humble little clove rates a mind-blowing 290,283.

Basically no comparison! So making yourself a nice iced matcha or chai will infuse you with a serious blast of antioxidant power.

Fresh herb Infusions –

One of the absolute best things about summer is that all the plants are in season and growing in abundance. Access to the herbs in their fresh form is a treasure and opens up all kinds of options for including them in our diets and all throughout our lives. Our favorite way to bring their magic into the house is the classic cool water infusion.

Simply gather generous handfuls of your favorite aromatic herbs, our go-to’s are lemon balm, spearmint, lavender and anise hyssop, and add them to a glass pitcher.

Fill with pure water and place in the fridge. Just wait about two hours and then start sipping!

Herbal Ice cubes –

Brighten up any cold beverage with herb-infused ice cubes. The same herbs that make a great infusion, work well as an ice cube. This time, add a little bit of the fresh herb to your icecube tray, fill with water and freeze. Then elevate your beverages, adult or otherwise!

Chilled Hydrosols –

Hydrosols are actually the byproduct of the essential oil distillation process, so they are infused with small particles of essential oil that are too small to join together and be extracted and are safe for use topically on the skin. Not only are they safe, they are heavenly!

A floral hydrosol, rose or lavender are amazing, or even a mint or frankincense variety stored in your fridge makes an amazing face spray to cool you down while feeding your skin with plant power for a lasting glow.

Most important, spray liberally and often!

Mint Tonic –

The Mediterranean islands know all about the power of the sun, and the power of the herbs to work with the body to keep cool. Goldthread’s mint condition tonic is packed with 14,000 grams of herbs and spices, all grown under the Mediterranean sun at the family farms we partner with. The plants develop antioxidant chemistry to protect themselves from the sun as they bake on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. That chemistry works in much the same way in our bodies. This aqua blue tonic over ice will cool you from the inside out.