Herbs for Allergy Season

Herbs for Allergy Season

The warm and hopeful springtime can be an exciting exit out of winter for many people. For others, it can be a time of hesitation for the new allergens that come with it. Luckily, we have the power of plants to lean on! Instead of bracing yourself for the wind and pollen duo, simply start to incorporate five of our favorite herbs for springtime to help support your body and ease into spring.

How can herbs help during allergy season? 

All herbs have powerful properties that can help support the body during times of change, particularly change of seasons. For springtime, we want to look to herbs that support the body’s transition out of winter and that can help the body adjust to new allergens. The five herbs for springtime we outline below range in their benefits from detoxification to reducing inflammation. They’re each unique in their own rite and deserve a place in your palate this spring!

5 herbs to help reduce allergies

1. Dandelion is a great herb to use in the springtime for its gentle, and effective cleansing properties. It has a bitter constituent that helps flush toxins from the body, particularly the liver, to support removal of unwanted waste built up over winter months.

2. Nettle is a highly nutritious herb that’s perfect for the season of weather changes. It’s been shown to help reduce allergy symptoms and support the respiratory system. Nettle can be found in our Green Minerals tonic, which is a delicious way to incorporate this herb into your life this spring.

3. Cilantro is another bitter herb that is perfect for the cleaning and clearing energy of spring. Cilantro is a great detoxifying herb, and can help gently remove waste such as heavy metals from the body.

4. Ambrosia, or ragweed, may ring a bell for its pollen, which often triggers allergies. On the other hand, consuming the leaves of this herb can actually help the body assimilate to the pollen, and react much less drastically during allergy season!

5. Turmeric is a great herb for all year-round, but especially in the springtime! This powerful root can help reduce inflammation, which can be useful during allergy season when the pathways become swollen. Enjoy our delicious Turmeric Radiance tonic for a taste of relief.

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