Plants with Benefits: Rose Petals

Plants with Benefits: Rose Petals

At Goldthread, we hand-pick (literally) the herbs that we choose to put in our tonics. While tasting great is an awesome side effect of our herbal blends, we truly focus on the function of each plant we choose. Built around superstar ingredients and combined with other hand-picked herbs, spices and adaptogens, our tonics are formulated with over 20 years of experience in plant-based functional wellness to add a boost to your daily routine.

What are Rose Petals?

As powerful as they are delightful, rose petals pack in amazing skin and health benefits. With a deep beautiful color and classic rose fragrance, there are many uses for this floral herb! Plus you can find it in our very own Honey Rose tonic.

What are the benefits of Rose Petals?

Rose petals have high vitamin C and polyphenol content which can help to clear skin, improve glow, and even out skin tone. This is made possible through internal consumption, as well as external application. The spa treatment doesn’t stop there! Rose petals can also help relax the nervous system, and act as a natural calming agent for the body and mind. Women are in luck, rose petals can also help aid in reducing symptoms of menopause, and menstrual cramps.

3 Ways to Add Rose Petals into Your Life

 Honey Rose Tonic
Our Honey Rose tonic is a gentle detoxifier, and the perfect refreshment for any time of day. Its delicious and unique flavor profile comes from a combination of bold, semi-sweet, semi-spicy herbs and adaptogenic plants, including rose petals, honeybush, tulsi, and more. This combination of plants also helps boost immunity!
Rose tea
With a subtle floral taste and aroma, rose tea is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of rose petals. A naturally caffeine free herb, rose petal tea can be enjoyed any time of day. It’s refreshing as a chilled ice tea, and soothing as a warm fragrant mug at night to wind down.
Rose aromatherapy
There’s nothing quite like the smell of rose petals! Diffusing rose essential oil throughout the home, especially the bedroom, can be a therapeutic way to keep the energy in your environment calm and cozy. You can also do rose palm inhalations to start or end the day on a positive, peaceful note.

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