Plants With Benefits: Honeybush

Plants With Benefits: Honeybush

At Goldthread, we hand-pick (literally) the herbs that we choose to put in our tonics. While tasting great is an awesome side effect of our herbal blends, we truly focus on the function of each plant we choose. Built around superstar ingredients and combined with other hand-picked herbs, spices and adaptogens, our tonics are formulated with over 20 years of experience in plant-based functional wellness to add a boost to your daily routine.

Our Honey Rose Tonic is a robust, full-bodied tonic formulated to nourish your body’s natural energy cycle through detoxification and restoration of key functions like igniting your metabolism and boosting your digestive system to make you feel more energized without the jitters or crash of caffeine.

What is Honeybush?

Honeybush is a flowering plant mainly grown in South Africa. The leaves of the honeybush plant have a honey-like aroma, which is how it got its name! But don’t be fooled, it actually has a flavor profile similar to rooibos or chai tea—mildly sweet, with notes of spice. The best part? It provides an energy boost to your body while being naturally caffeine-free. No jitters, no crash!

What are the benefits of Honeybush?

Honeybush boasts more than just flavor; it’s packed with benefits! Honeybush can help support the mind and body in a variety of ways:
- Ignites metabolism and supports digestion
- Acts as a nourishing, restorative tea
- Can help alleviate heartburn & nausea
- Rich in antioxidants for detoxification and restoration

    3 Ways to Add Honeybush into Your Lifestyle

    A gentle detoxifier, our Honey Rose tonic is the perfect refreshment for any time of day. Its delicious and unique flavor profile comes from a combination of bold, semi-sweet, semi-spicy herbs and adaptogenic plants. Our unique micro-brewing process extracts the nutrient-dense herbs and adaptogens from Honeybush, so you get the most benefit bang for your buck. Combined with other herbs and spices, it’s smooth to drink—all the potency without the punch!

    Honeybush Tea  

    If you want to drink it the old fashioned way, the simplest, and most straightforward, way to consume honeybush is to steep it into a tea. Honeybush tea is a great way to help stimulate digestion, as well as focus the mind. Its nourishing properties also help to improve mood. Sip on it any time of day to put a smile on your face!

    It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s delicious and comforting—this Honey Rose latte will make your day (any time of day, thanks to being caffeine-free!). The recipe calls for just two ingredients, and comes together so quickly. Enjoy all the benefits of honeybush, while enjoying the familiarity of a latte!

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