Plants With Benefits: Nettle

Plants With Benefits: Nettle

At Goldthread, we hand-pick (literally) the herbs that we choose to put in our tonics. While tasting great is an awesome side effect of our herbal blends, we truly focus on the function of each plant we choose. Built around superstar ingredients and combined with other hand-picked herbs, spices and adaptogens, our tonics are formulated with over 20 years of experience in plant-based functional wellness to add a boost to your daily routine.

What is Nettle?

Nettle is an herbaceous flowering plant that grows predominantly in North America, Europe, and Africa. Often referred to as stinging nettle, nettle is a time-tested and honored herb that’s been used for centuries to remedy many different ailments. It gets its name from the stinging sensation experienced when you brush up against the hairy leaves.

What are the benefits of Nettle?

Nettle is a highly nutritious herb that’s shown to help reduce inflammation both internally and externally. Often used to help mitigate the effects of seasonal allergies, nettle can reduce swelling in the respiratory tract. Nettle can also help support liver detoxification, aiding in gentle removal of waste, and protecting against toxins. If you’re having trouble with digestion, nettle is a great herb to turn to for its natural diuretic effects. For topical use, nettle can also be used to support wound and burn healing.

3 Ways to Add Nettle into Your Life

Green Minerals tonic

Enjoy the benefits of nettle in our delicious Green Minerals tonic. The combination of healing herbs in this drink will help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and clear headed. It’s delicious as a morning pick-me-up, or an evening boost of nutrition. (It can also do wonders for hangovers!)

Nettle tea

You can sip on nettle tea to help soothe the body, especially during times of experiencing allergies or feeling particularly inflamed. You can steep it on its own or add other herbs or flowers to taste. You can find nettle tea in most health food stores, ready to be steeped and sipped!

Nettle tinctures
If you’re not a fan of sipping on your herbs, tinctures are a great alternative. You can add your nettle tincture into a small amount of water and take it like a shot, or squeeze a few drops into your mouth. You can also find nettle in capsule form if you prefer that route!