Plants With Benefits: Lavender Edition

Plants With Benefits: Lavender Edition


What is Lavender?

You may be familiar with lavender from the famous purple fields in France, as your favorite latte flavor, or maybe your mom’s favorite candle scent. Lavender is a flower known for its calming effects on the body and mind. Associated with gentle and soothing aromas, lavender has a strong impact on both the nervous and digestive system.

Lavender Benefits

Lavender is the perfect wind down plant. If you need to relax in any way, lavender is a must. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to calm nerves, release tension from muscles, and even help to improve several of our body’s essential systems. For example, lavender can help cool an overheating body, it can help relax an irritated GI tract, and it can even help relieve the body of excess gas and bloating.

Lavender’s cooling benefits aren’t limited to physical systems, though. Just the smell of lavender alone can help ease an agitated or negative headspace, which is why you often find lavender scented everything in spas and therapy rooms. 

In addition to its calming effects, lavender is excellent for cleaning. Just as it can purify the internal body, it also works to clean external surfaces as well. If all that isn’t enough, it also has a deserving place in your home first-aid kit! Lavender oil helps speed the healing of minor wounds, sunburns, and other skin conditions. [1]

5 Ways to Add Lavender into Your Life

There are plenty of ways you can use lavender to take advantage of its many benefits. 

1. Lavender Aromatherapy

Drift off to a peaceful, worry-free sleep by lighting a lavender-scented candle when it’s nearing bed time. Pair that with a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow, and you’ll be snoozing softly in no time. You can also try some lavender-oiled palm inhalations to help get rid of tension headaches and irritated states of mind when you’re experiencing a bad day.

2. Lavender Capsules

Going through a bad period or experiencing unusually bad PMS? Taking a lavender capsule supplement can help to relieve menstrual cramps. One study showed that lavender helped improve parasympathetic nervous system activity, and in addition to aiding in premenstrual symptoms, could help support overall mind and body health. [2]

3. Lavender Bliss Tonic

 Lavender Bliss is our signature chill tonic that promotes a natural calm and relaxation through a blend of herbs and flowers, highlighted by lavender. With ethical sourcing as a top priority for us,  our lavender is sourced from the famous Rhone Valley in Southern France. Enjoy Lavender Bliss while working, to wind down before bed, or whenever you feel like you need a “chill pill”.

4. Lavender for Hair Loss

Lavender has been shown to help hair and skin conditions, such as alopecia and dermatitis. [3, 4] As soothing to the mind as it is for the body, lavender can be incorporated into treatments for external conditions. For a lavender scalp treatment, you can mix a neutral oil with an organic lavender essential oil. Similarly for skin, you can mix coconut oil or cocoa butter with an organic lavender essential oil.

5. Bacteria Fighting Lavender 

Before leaving the house, pack a little vial of lavender oil. It’s perfect for cleansing your hands when riding public transportation or encountering any other situation that brings you in contact with less-than-pristine surfaces. As a travel essential, lavender oil can stop bacterial growth, calm and comfort you in times of uncertainty, and uplift you.

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