Plants With Benefits: Mint Edition

Plants With Benefits: Mint Edition

In today’s post we’ll be focusing entirely on mint.

What is Mint?

Mint is an aromatic herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. It’s an easy plant to grow and can be found in many households across the world for its wide range of use in cuisines and beverages. Common varieties of mint include spearmint, peppermint, and curly mint. In Ayurveda, every food has a warming or cooling effect on metabolism. Mint varieties are considered cooling herbs.

Mint Benefits 

Mint is one of the more common and familiar medicinal plants out there, and so it’s sometimes easy to overlook it when you’re seeking plants with powerful functional benefits. It’s so common because it’s so reliably beneficial. Mint will have immediately noticeable beneficial effects on any issues with stomach discomfort, feelings of fullness or bloating, or even anxiousness marked by a tight belly and shallow breathing. This is because the potent essential oils in the mint plants have the amazing ability to create space and relax the muscles of the gut. Mint is particularly beneficial as a tea after meals to promote proper digestion. It’s cooling effects are also helpful on hot days or whenever you feel like that kind of soothing refreshment. It’s like a cool mountain breeze blowing through the body to invigorate and de-stress. 
The strong fragrance of mint makes it a popular choice for aromatherapy lovers, and is often used in office spaces for keeping people alert and purifying the shared air space. This same power of mint has long been used throughout various cultures as a reliable way to improve digestive health and create feelings of wellbeing. Its cool, yet lively taste and smell make it a great herb to work with. 
In addition, mint is naturally antifungal. This is why it’s often used in hand soaps, toothpastes, and even natural household cleaning products. [1]

5 Ways to Add Mint into Your Diet

Mint is so versatile in its uses. Commonly found in Mediterranean cuisines, you can use it in many cuisines and recipes to help soothe the body and relieve an upset stomach. Here are some of our favorite ways to eat and drink with mint:

 1. Mint Water and Tea

Making mint tea or mint water is an easy and refreshing way to start your day. It can help soothe the stomach, and aid in digestion pre- and post-meals. For iced mint water, simply rinse a few sprigs of mint and add it to a pitcher of water, then leave it in the fridge overnight (or at least 45 minutes). For mint tea, rinse a few sprigs of mint and add to a reusable tea bag. Steep for about 10 minutes, no more than 20. Alternatively, you can steep the whole leaves, and then strain before drinking. This is a great coffee alternative in the morning or afternoon!

2. Salad and Sandwich Garnish

The easiest way to add another dimension to any salad or sandwich is with a generous sprinkle of chopped mint. It goes especially well with Mediterranean flavors, summer salads, and even with fruit, like watermelon. It’s a refreshing way to brighten any dish, and is loved for the added digestive support, too.

3. Mint Condition Tonic

We may be biased, but Mint Condition is a delicious and healthy way to incorporate mint into your daily life. The tonic itself was inspired by the cool, crisp and refreshing plants home to the Greek Islands. Full of antioxidants and phytonutrients, this tonic helps to improve and support overall vibrant health and longevity. Enjoy Mint Condition as an afternoon pick-me-up, or after a workout to support recovery.

4. Aromatherapy

Steaming organic mint essential oil in a diffuser is a great way to liven up a room or home. As a roll-on or balm, mint is a great pain reliever for ailments such as headaches, nausea, muscle aches and joint pain, and more. Even having fresh mint in the kitchen or garden can be reviving from the scent alone.

5. Mint Rice

Mint rice is a delicious and famous Indian dish, made with rice, mint, spices, and ghee. It’s an elevated rice dish that adds flavor and vibrancy to any pairing. Though, it’s most commonly served with light fish or curried protein.
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