Plants With Benefits: Tulsi

Plants With Benefits: Tulsi

What is Tulsi?

Tulsi, which translates to “the incomparable one”, is among the most sacred herbs in all of Ayurvedic medicine. Also known as Holy Basil, its delicately sweet, clove-like aroma is irresistible to both the mind and body. Like other forms of basil around the world, tulsi has a delicious, pungent flavor that energizes and warms the system. In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is like a medicine chest in its own right, with applications ranging from digestion and immunity to energy and cognition.

Tulsi Benefits

Therapeutically, Tulsi has a long and impressive list of indications, and its benefits extend throughout the body. In Ayurveda, Tulsi is considered rejuvenative, which is equivalent to the well-known plant category adaptogens. This means that the herb has the ability to improve physical and mental adaptation and function by optimizing virtually every body system. This is why Ayurvedic philosophy considers tulsi to stimulate “prana”, or life force energy, to flow evenly throughout the body.

Tulsi is commonly grown in and around Hindu homes and holy places for its atmosphere-purifying effects. Tulsi has an important place within the daily rituals and holy celebrations performed by Hindus throughout the year, and it provides a beautiful example of how worshiping nature and God is one and the same.

3 Ways to Add Tulsi into Your Lifestyle

1. Tulsi Tincture

 Tulsi is a carminative with aromatic pungency and a heating nature. This makes it an excellent digestive remedy for conditions characterized by low digestive fire, gas, bloating, damp stagnation and general sluggishness. It helps to increase appetite, calm spasms and cramps, and helps to normalize blood sugar. Having a liquid Holy Basil extract on hand is an easy way to reap these benefits. Simply add a dropper-full to water or juice a few times per day.

2. Tulsi Aromatherapy

Tulsi’s warming and stimulating nature is also very beneficial for the respiratory system. Its clarifying effects are similar to breathing fresh sea air charged with moist, ozone-rich mist. It supports the body's removal of excess mucus and congestion from the lungs caused by dampness and constriction, and also activates the prana within the chest, vitalizing and improving lung capacity. Enjoy the benefits of tulsi by diffusing it throughout your home.

3. Tulsi Tea

One of the many unique attributes of tulsi is its calmative, rejuvenating effect upon the nervous system. Tulsi tea has been considered “liquid yoga” for its nourishing effects on the body, support in clarifying awareness, and for heightening mental acuity. Steeped and sipped as a daily tea, Tulsi can help to reduce overall tension in the nervous system and support the nervous energy to circulate freely. You can find loose leaf tulsi or purchase it pre-bagged and ready to steep.

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