Our Top 3 Lavender Bliss Recipes

Our Top 3 Lavender Bliss Recipes

We love making recipes with our tonics just as much as we love sipping on them. Our Lavender Bliss tonic in particular is such a fun flavor to play with because it’s calming, and can take so many new, delicious forms! Today we’ll be sharing our top three favorite recipes for Lavender Bliss.

About Lavender Bliss 

Our Lavender Bliss tonic is a favorite for so many. It has a gently sweet taste with a hint of florals, without tasting flowery. Not only is it a great tonic to wind down the mind with, but it can also help relax the body and encourage healthy digestion. The unique blend of herbs and flowers make it a great option for enjoying at nighttime, post-meals, or any time you just need to de-stress a bit.

Our Top 3 Lavender Bliss Recipes

The best thing about these Lavender Bliss recipes is that they’re all so different and can be enjoyed all year-round. There’s a sweet option, a perfect-for-a-hot-summer-day option, and an everyday option!

This has to be one of our most decadent tasting recipes, with the absolute most simple process!! All you need is half of a bottle of Lavender Bliss, ½ of a cup of coconut cream, and two cups of chocolate. That’s it! The way these truffles look and taste, you’d think they require a dozen ingredients and hours to make, but no! They come together so easily, and are the perfect nighttime treat.

These slushies will have you hoping and wishing for a hot, sunny day! They’re refreshing, unlike any slushy flavor you’ve had before, thanks to tasty Lavender Bliss, and just like the truffles–so easy to make! Plus, this recipe gives you the option to spike it with some tequila (or sparkling water!) to make it an extra festive, pool-side sip.

Who doesn’t love a good everyday granola?! You can enjoy it over yogurt, drenched in milk, or as a satisfying, crunchy snack. What we love most about this Lavender Bliss recipe is that it’s also packed with healthy nuts and seeds. This recipe will take a little longer and a few more ingredients than the truffles or slushies, but for the end result, only 20 minutes of cooking time is pretty good!

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