Plants with Benefits: Lavender & Chamomile

Plants with Benefits: Lavender & Chamomile

Let us name the ways we love lavender and chamomile. These two flowers are both nervines, medicinal plants that have a soothing effect on the nervous system leading to a host of benefits from stress relief to sleep support. Both lavender and chamomile are considered fragrant relaxants and contain essential oils that have a gentle, relaxing effect on the body. These two plants can be enjoyed any time of the day (or night) to create a state of balanced energy. While they’ll support restful sleep, don’t worry, they won’t knock you out and can also be imbibed at other times throughout the day. Read on for how to incorporate lavender and chamomile into your life. 

Digestive Support

When consumed as teas or infusions, lavender and chamomile relax the enteric nerves lining the gut, which improves digestion and nutrient absorption and helps alleviate digestive issues like gas or bloating. Use fresh or dry herbs to make hot or iced teas to sip after meals. To build up the benefits, steep in a large glass jar and sip throughout the day. 

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits 

Chamomile contains a powerful anti-inflammmatory and antimicrobial compound called chamazulene, that has a cooling effect on the digestive system and can relieve the aches and pains of a cold or the flu and help speed recovery from illness. Lavender is also anti-inflammatory and cooling to the digestive system. This, combined with lavender’s antiseptic properties, make it a wonderful choice for soothing an irritated digestive system or fighting off sickness. The cooling, anti-inflammatory effects of lavender can also be experienced with topical use. Lavender oil diluted in a carrier oil is an excellent salve for minor wounds and sunburns. 

Calming Cognitive Support 

One of the wonderful things about lavender and chamomile is that they support a balanced stress response and facilitate a sense of calm that makes them great for enjoying throughout the day, as well as when you’re winding down in the evening. The calmative effects of lavender promote a stress-free focused state, which lends itself to productivity. The cooling effects of lavender don’t just apply to the physical systems though. Just the smell of lavender alone can help ease an agitated or overstimulated mind.

The flavonoid apigenin in Chamomile has been shown to activate gaba receptors and improve vagal nerve tone. This is why chamomile tea is often enjoyed before bedtime, to settle down from the stress of the day. Chamomile’s sedative effect is gentle so, like lavender, it need not be limited to bedtime. Sip iced chamomile tea in the afternoon to ease anxiety and settle into a productive workflow. 

Beyond ingestion, inhaling chamomile and lavender essential oils can create an atmosphere of calm, and the ritual of pausing to rub a few drops of essential oil between your palms and inhale can help ground us in the present. 

Drink More Plants 

The aromatic properties of lavender and chamomile make them delicious additions to teas and tonics. When you’re ready to relax, look no further than Buddha Teas Sleepy Temple Tea, which combines chamomile and lavender with nervine calmatives – skullcap and passionflower – known to support restful sleep and relieve insomnia. Buddha Teas Calm Buddha Tea also contains lavender, chamomile, and skullcap, with the soothing addition of licorice for digestive calm leading into bedtime. 

For a great any-time-of-the-day lavender and chamomile beverage, grab a bottle of Goldthread Tonics Lavender Bliss Tonic. Lavender Bliss is Goldthread Tonic’s signature chill tonic made from a blend of six flowers that all benefit the nervous system and improve the stress response. to keep you calm, cool, and collected with a blend of herbs and flowers that includes not only lavender sourced from France's Provence region, but also linden, lemon verbena, elderflower, chamomile, sage, saffron, and butterfly pea flower. Lavender Bliss will calm you down without knocking you out, so enjoy it while working, to wind down before bed, or whenever you feel like you need a pause to stop and smell the flowers. ⁠ 

To make your own medicinal plant latte, steep lavender or chamomile flowers or tea (or a blend of both!) and combine with frothed plant milk (we love oat milk). Add a dash of honey or other natural sweetener of your choice. You could also add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla to taste. 

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