Meet the Plant Man

Goldthread founder, William Siff, is a licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, and life-long ethnobotanical adventurer on a mission to bring plants and people together.

But not just any plants.

Superherbs, spices, adaptogens and other potent botanical treasures that offer real benefits and make you feel really good. The Goldthread tonics you know and love today have been formulated and perfected by William over the last 20 years. He set out to create a unique line of refreshing, functional drinks that support our body’s core functions, and we think he nailed it.

From Farm to Bottle

Willliam’s expertise with plants doesn’t just come from studies and credentials, he is a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  though he’s got training to spare. His mastery of plant medicine starts with the living plants, and the people that have cultivated them for centuries. He travelled the world to source the most pure and potent medicinal plants for his clinical practice, and then eventually for the tonics you see on the shelves at your favorite local retailer. 

Farm to bottle is not just a slogan for us, it’s a way of life. We like to joke that Willliam texts our team of farmers on the reg, but it’s not a joke. He does.

Plants + People

William put his training right to work in clinical practice, using plants to resolve serious health issues and improve the fundamental systems of the body like energy, immunity, digestion and sleep for his patients from all walks of life. He created unique tonic formulations for each patient's particular needs, and soon discovered that there were universal issues that everyone dealt with no matter their specific circumstances. Strengthening these key systems would benefit everyone from patients managing chronic illness, to those who were looking to optimize their health and wellness and prevent more serious conditions from happening in the first place.

The Plantventure Project

William became more and more focused on advocating for the plant-centric lifestyle that builds resilient and long-term health through simple daily practices. Essentially, a modern take on the cultures of longevity he’d visited around the world. He got even closer to the plants by starting a farm to grow the medicinal plants he provided to the patients in his clinical practice. Cultivating the plants himself for a decade, and witnessing their power to create true health made him even more convinced of his mission to get as many plants to as many people as he possibly could.

Enter your favorite tonics: formulated with more whole plant ingredients than anything else on the market and sourced from the most potent regions of the world to deliver high levels of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that actually work for your body. 

The rest of the goods on this plant-centric lifestyle will be found in the Plantventure Protocol, a book that William authored for Artisan publishers to be released soon! 

Taste the Difference!

Who knew something so healthy could be so delicious! That’s where expert formulation comes in. Combining a bunch of good-for-you plants only goes so far. Blending specific ingredients to create benefits that are “greater than the sum of their parts,” while also tasting amazing, takes authentic expertise and master craftsmanship. The tonic in your hand was created with care to make sure you get the plants you need to feel great everyday. 

The Goldthread Story

Plants with benefits