The Secret Every High-Performing Athlete Should Know About (Schisandra Berries)

The Secret Every High-Performing Athlete Should Know About (Schisandra Berries)

Here’s the thing, though. Schisandra berries aren’t all that common in the states (yet), but they’re so popular in Asia that you can find them in Starbucks in Seoul! We’re just catching on over here.

So, what are Schisandra Berries?

Schisandra berries grow in bright red clusters and are dried before they’re consumed. They are actually an adaptogen, which is rare for a berry, and speaks to their variety of powerful benefits.  They’re called “wu wei zi” in Chinese Medicine, meaning the fruit of five flavors. These five flavors are referring to the five major tastessour, salty, bitter, sweet and pungent. Put simply, this means that Schisandra is widely beneficial to many different systems in the body. 

Benefits of Schisandra Berries for Athletes

Now for the real juice. What are schisandra berries great for, and why do we insist they should be a part of every athlete’s routine? Let’s get into it:
No matter if you’re a professional athlete or a starter on your college team, physical stress can make or break your game. Consuming the right micro-nutrients and electrolytes before and during training ensures you won’t become depleted which makes you vulnerable to injury. Schisandra berries help with endurance, resilience and optimal performance.
Mental Clarity & Endurance 
If you ever psych yourself out before a big performance, schisandra berries may be a great pre-workout supplement for you. Schisandra berries have shown to help improve memory, focus and concentration, all of which can support you in both the mental and physical component of performance. Schisandra berries have also shown to help improve endurance and increase physical performance. [1] This is especially important for athletes who need to be on their A-game and ready for anything for hours, if not days, on end.
Adaptogenic Effects & Recovery
Studies have shown that Schisandra berries can increase endurance, overall physical performance, and provide antioxidant effects on working muscles. [2] They may help to reduce inflammation which is beneficial for complete recovery. Also very important, they speed recovery by supporting the liver to clear lactic acid and other by-products of training out of the body more quickly and efficiently. 

Berry Power

Our Berry Power tonic is a tasty and effective way to incorporate Schisandra berry into your routine. It contains zero sugar, is organic, non-GMO verified, and certified delicious. Berry Power contains powerful Schisandra berry, along with other spices, herbs, and adaptogens to help improve performance, enhance recovery, and reduce stress on the body. It’s a sure way to feel your best before, during and after a big day.


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