Goldthread’s Sustainability Promise

Goldthread’s Sustainability Promise

Goldthread Tonics were created to stand out. Our tonics are unlike anything you’ve ever seen at stores before, and are likely a brand new taste experience for you, too. The way each flavor was created took our founder, William Siff, years to perfect. With such a unique product, and a love of the land they come from, sustainable practices were a no brainer for us. We wanted every step of the way from farm to bottle, to be ethical, sustainable, and enjoyable for everyone involved. Which is why we’re so committed to our sustainability practices. It’s not something we do just once a year to celebrate Earth day, we practice it every day, all year-round.

Why does sustainability matter? 

Herbs are something we don’t appreciate enough, and our earth’s natural resources are things we perhaps take for granted. On one hand, we’re living from a place of abundance, but on the other, we’re not doing anything to ensure our planet is healthy and thriving enough to continue providing for us. Sustainability matters to us because we want to bring more good into the world, and less harm. We want to contribute to the green landscapes and fresh air, making it as enjoyable for our great-great-great grandchildren as it is for us.

5 Ways Goldthread Stays Sustainable

Glass Bottles – When glass gets recycled, we’re able to turn it into more glass! When plastic gets thrown out, it can take roughly 450 years to decompose. Yikes! The less plastic our world uses, the less waste we have. By using glass bottles, we’re contributing to a more circular economy. Less trash, more joy. 

Metal Caps – There aren’t many cap options in the food and beverage industry. There’s pretty much plastic or metal. Why everyone doesn’t choose metal baffles us! Metal caps are much easier to recycle, they are stronger than plastic, and they’re always BPA-free! Better for you, better for the environment.

Small Family Farms – We are proud to support small, family farms around the world. The people and families we choose to work with use more traditional practices that require less emissions, less electricity, and much more love.

Hand-Picked Herbs – Another benefit to working with family farms is they’re predominantly hand-picking the herbs and ingredients. Large, corporate farms use heavy equipment that can both damage the soil, as well as emit harmful chemicals into the air.

Minimal Packaging – We can appreciate a pretty package, but is it necessary? The exciting part of receiving Goldthread tonics in the mail is the tasty tonics! We don’t want to create more waste with fluffy paper scraps and unnecessary trash. So while our packaging is minimal, the taste of our tonics is definitely at a maximum!