My Plant Life with Samantha Doyle

My Plant Life with Samantha Doyle

A brief intro to you! 
Hi! My name is Sam. 

I am a writer, meditation teacher and certified wellness coach. I’m the co-founder of The Elevate Collective— a mindfulness based community for women to connect deeply to their own innate magic and authenticity. My greatest loves are poetry, good music, nature, travel, and all things that involve genuine human connection.

Tell us your philosophy on “wellness” in a nutshell. 

I love this question! Wellness is an energetic state of satiation and fulfillment. Every single day, my wellness looks different. And I believe that wellness looks different for everyone! Wellness is about what makes YOU feel fulfilled, nourished, and happy. Sometimes it’s powders and potions and matcha and green juice and going to bed early, other times it’s staying up too late, having drinks with friends, eating brownies, or doing things that might be deemed more “low vibe” to the typical wellness standards. Do what makes you feel RADIANT, NOURISHED, and in love with your life. And know that the answer to that can change every day. That is your formula for wellness. 

What are your favorite medicinal plants and your go to ways to use them. 

CACAO! I work with ceremonial cacao almost every day— the ultimate heart opening gentle plant medicine. <3 I make a big hot mug of creamy ceremonial cacao with cayenne, vanilla, and raw honey. I often add Maca root or Shatavari root for hormone balance. I always say a prayer before I drink, and then allow the drinking of my cacao to infuse with the meditation I am doing for that morning. It’s a really beautiful practice that I have come to cherish. I’m also a huge fan of raspberry leaf tea day and night a bit before and during my menstrual cycle. I love that you guys use that magical herb to mineralize your blends!

How do you practice being more sustainable in your own day to day life?

Being a conscious consumer when it comes to EVERYTHING in my life — from where I source my food, to where I shop for clothes, to who I follow, what I listen to, what I subscribe to. My intention is always to only consume things that are beneficial to mama earth, that HEAL the earth instead of taking away from her on any level— physical, energetic, etc. Living sustainably to me means truly treading as lightly as I can on Earth, being kind and spreading kindness to others on a daily basis. This raises the vibration of the planet, which in turn makes the Earth happier. :) 

What’s your favorite natural wellness practice/ routine? 

SO MANY. My infrared sauna, cold salty ocean swims, micro-dosing psilocybin for creativity, free journaling for 10 minutes each morning (morning pages from Artist’s Way), ceremonial cacao, The Class (a life-changing movement x therapy combined), never skipping a nourishing breakfast, meditating daily, and using affirmations / manifestation practices to create the life that I want instead of focusing on the past. 

What’s one of your favorite ways to get outside? 

I love hiking so much and it is a non-negotiable for me to get out into nature amongst the trees every single day. You will always, always be able to find me hugging trees and talking outlaid to them everywhere I go. 

What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

I am an extremely multidimensional person (as I believe we all are). I think it’s easy in this digital age to assume someone is one certain way based on what they present via Instagram. I have been told that I come off as super serious and deep online, and then when you meet me in person, I am actually the biggest quirky goofball. I can go as deep as anyone wants to go but I also love staying light and in the playfulness of it all. I am all about embracing all sides of the human experience and am changing, learning, and growing every single day. :)

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