My Plant Life with Trinity of @wellnesssipsandtips

My Plant Life with Trinity of @wellnesssipsandtips

1. A brief intro to you!

I’m Trinity Ibrena, a 28 year old enjoying Dallas,TX. I work full time as a Reading Interventionist. I’m a co-owner of a “besties business” @kaitrincare which creates fun, unique self care products for women. I’m also a proud wellness advocate and creator of the community @wellnesssipsandtips, which is used to simplify mental wellness and redefine drinking buddies through functional drinks (sips) and inspirations (tips). 

2. Tell us your philosophy on “wellness” in a nutshell. 

Wellness is an intentional, mindful lifestyle. It’s being mindful of and intentional about what we consume mentally, physically, and internally. It’s living a lifestyle of conscious consumption, and feeding our mind, body, and soul things that nurture them, and make us feel “well.” 

3. What are your favorite medicinal plants and your go to ways to use them. 

I love consuming functional drinks with turmeric and black pepper that help fight inflammation. For calming properties, I enjoy consuming drinks with lavender, and/or hemp/CBD. When it comes to focus and pain relief, I’m a huge fan of mint.

4. How do you practice being more sustainable in your own day to day life?

One way I practice sustainability is through reusing my personal tumbler versus buying a ton of water bottles. I relocated closer to my job to reduce my commute. I’m very mindful of my energy use within my space. I also practice a mainly plant-based diet, and avoid eating livestock. I like to eat locally by going to nearby farmers’ markets!

5. What’s your favorite natural wellness practice/ routine? 

My favorite wellness practice is honestly trying and sipping different wellness/functional drinks. It’s such a simple practice that provides the internal benefits from the drink itself, as well as the mental benefit of knowing you’ve done something for yourself that contributes to your overall wellness. It’s one of the main reasons I created @wellnesssipsandtips. I wanted all women to be aware of such a simple act of wellness, and enjoy it with other women!

6. What’s one of your favorite ways to get outside? 

Honestly, my favorite way to get outside is just sitting and “being” on my balcony. I enjoy the peace and nothingness. 

7. What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

One thing people may be surprised to learn is how multi-faceted my personality is. I enjoy everything from meditation, reading, sipping functional drinks, and providing inspirational tips. But I also enjoy stepping out with friends, sipping champagne, and listening to trap music! I resonate with both ends of the spectrum.