Ashwaganda Deep Rest Replenisher

Ashwaganda Deep Rest Replenisher

There’s nothing better than Ashwaganda to nourish and stabilize a wired and tired nervous system. This powerful root encourages us to feel grounded, nourished, and relaxed, soothing frazzled nerves and replenishing tired adrenals.

The deepest replenishment comes about only when we’re relaxed, and most powerfully during sleep. Sleep itself is the greatest of all tonics. Ashwaganda helps us to drop in and take full advantage of the sleep cycle. This awesome tonic will help you fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly, so you’re refreshed and revitalized for another day.

The wired and tired person is someone with genuine fatigue who is prevented from rest due to a short circuiting nervous system buzzing with excess energy accumulated over the day. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, when chronic, disrupt our circadian rythyms, causing vigilance and alertness when we want to be sleeping. Certain people are more susceptible to this pattern than others, but everyone requires a good nights sleep.

Ashwaganda is the ideal tonic to help feed the body with more energy and nourishment so that we can get grounded and sleep deep. In Ayurveda it is recognized that in order to actually get good sleep we need enough energy. Imagine that, even sleep takes energy.

Some of the other benefits of Ashwaganda include

  • Reduces anxiety and worry
  • Supports immune function 2
  • Supports healthy sleep1
  • Reproductive support for men and women*3, 4
  • Improves energy levels and endurance *
  • Supports a healthy back and joints*3
  • Supports thyroid health*
  • Improves adrenal health*

Reignite the Ritual –

Sometime between dinner and bedtime, change into some cozy clothes and begin your nightly relaxation ritual. Maybe this includes washing up, winding down, breathing deeper, preparing your bedroom with low lighting and diffusing floral essential oils to set the vibes.

Store your ashwaganda powder in a beautiful container placed thoughtfully among foods like coconut oil, ghee and chia seeds, not far from your spice rack. Make sure it’s someplace you can easily prepare the tonic to build an effortless daily routine within a space that reinforces it.

Set an Intention –

Consider how drinking this tonic will help usher you into a deep and restorative sleep, how valuable this is for your health and how good it feels to be rested. As you sip, allow your mind to release anything left undone… everything can wait till tomorrow, now is the time to rest.

Recipe –

Makes 2 servings


12 oz Oat milk
4 oz Coconut cream
1 Tbs ghee or coconut oil
2 heaping tsp Ashwaganda powder
1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon powder
½ tsp Vanilla powder
¼ tsp Nutmeg powder (preferably freshly ground)
2-3 Cardamon pods
1 Tbs Coconut or date sugar or honey

Instructions: Add oat milk and coconut cream to a small ceramic sauce pan over a medium heat. Gently warm for 2 to 3 minutes before adding the remaining ingredients. Be sure to stir well throughout and take care not to over heat. Simmer for 8 minutes until well blended. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!