Plant Power Pack
Plant Power Pack
Plant Power Pack

Plant Power Pack

Our Plant Power Pack was created to deliver plant-powered support to all the body’s vital systems. Level up your daily wellness with this comprehensive tonics bundle.

  • Turmeric Radiance – Reduces inflammation and supports metabolism. Great before or after a meal, or after a workout for recovery.
  • Japanese Matcha – Boosts cognitive function and clarity while delivering powerful antioxidants. Sip in the morning or afternoon for a balanced source of caffeine.
  • Green Minerals – Fortifies on the cellular level with phytonutrients and minerals. Great for beating the afternoon slump.
  • Hawaiian Ginger – Boosts digestive function and metabolism. Great at the start of the day or before meals. Delicious warm or cold.
  • Elderberry Defense – Supports immunity and replenishes depleted resources. Drink to build up your defenses and increase resilience.
  • Lavender Bliss – Supports the nervous system and encourages deeper, more restful sleep. Great in the evening to wind down, or any time stress and anxiety are elevated.
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0g Sugar
20 Calories
Gluten Free
From Farm to Tonic

Goldthread tonics are formulated by expert herbalist, William Siff, who has 20+ years of experience in natural medicine. Each tonic has been carefully curated to support a specific body system to help us thrive and live vibrantly.